Farewell 2#


Sad to know that I have my second farewell,
To you .

It should have stayed as one .

It was my fault .

I was at my limit, and drowned in their black whispers
Then you came back,
Leaving everything that was hurting me behind .

You came back,
Thinking that you came along with sunshine and rainbows

You came back,
And I knew it was for nothing .

Nothing was good, but I was a fool to fall for it .
Nothing was fine, but I was a blockhead to smile for it .

I knew it all along, but I was so ruthless to myself,
I kept on dragging myself into it
Astaghfirullahalazim .

I knew that one day this is going to happen, again.
And I hoped that I won't repeat the same thing, again .
Just like what I did before .

So farewell,
And do never come back, lillahitaala inshaallah :)


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