Hai 5#


I guess,
I could never get tired of you

Hearing your small voice through the phone line last night,
It was something enjoyable,
It was something enchanting,
It was something .
That I've been missing,
So much .

Listening to your stories through the unseen waves last night,
While knowing the fact that we are miles away,
Realizing those moments that I can't even see your shadow,
Is something hurtful, but the smile on my face can still be carved,
I had fun, giving responses to you,
Hearing your laugh, and imagining your slanted eyes became even more like two lines on those papers 

Saying good night to you,
Was the easiest thing that I could ever do every night,
But last night, it was so different .

Saying good night to you,
Without being able to see your smile before I close my eyes,
Suddenly becomes something that is, hard .

Because we know,
It can never be the same, no more .

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah,
For those times You gave me,
To spend with her, 
And now,
To keep her .
Inside me,
Inshaallah for eternity 


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