Have you forgotten me ?

I hope you haven't .

I hope no one can ever replace me in your heart,
I know it sounds selfish,
But .
No one can ever make me feel the way you do to me

I never thought you would be this important to me
Seeing you for the first time, with a white floral scarf on your head,
Never crossed my mind that I would love you this deep .

What we have is magical, and I would want to do anything to keep it

I did feel the changing air between us
Only Allah knew that my heart was beating in anxiety,
Trying its best to push away the awkwardness between you and me

But I hoped you didn't feel the same .

You have always been here ; in me
You have always had place here ; in me

You mean everything,
With you I feel like I'm home
With you I feel safe
With you I feel like those knights are not needed
With you,
I feel like I am being loved .

You're my first crazy love, I can say haha

Allah gives me the best companion ever in this life .

And I love you . Just a little bit too much


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