Ah, I miss my school life!

I miss to wake up every morning, seeing it's either Maisarah or Nayli by my side.
I miss to brush my teeth while waiting for my turn to take bath
I miss to walk to surau, and to smile when I knew I wasn't late for Subuh prayer haha

Sometimes, really ? hahaha
Well, I would get sleepy in class, I could barely open my eyes.
And I would tell Liyana I was sleepy,
But sometimes when I looked at my side, her eyes were the same as mine.
We both could barely live in the class!

When it was recess time,
I would buy either Chocolate Gardenia for RM0.85 or three pieces of any kueh for RM1.00.
Man, I saved a lot of money back then! but naudzubillah moga aku bukan seorang yang bakhil
Then we would go to surau and pray Dhuha together.
I was very inspired by most of my friends! They never left Dhuha prayer! tabikk ah!

Sometimes I would cry in Physics class whenever I didn't get Cikgu Amri's points.
And I would also cry in Chemistry class.
Haha it was sadist and funny at the same time, well maybe ?

During prep, ah I really loved to sleep during our evening prep.
It's like all of my tiredness and zombie life were over if I slept during evening prep.
But when I got bad result for my SPM trial, I saw light at the end of my tunnel.
I was inspired by Liyana and tried hard to improve ecece

Alhamdulillah, Allah has blessed me with good friends and people around me :')

Dinner time was the most awaited time ever.
While other girls were donning colourful shawls and scarfs, my friends and I would leaning against everything we could reach with our black Jilbab haha

Ah, I really miss to hear Amin's or Farhan's quran recitation during Maghrib or Isya' prayer.
And sometimes when someone became the bilal, we would guess whose voice was that.

During night prep, ah I would always lose my focus haha.
But yeah after seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I tried to change.
Alhamdulillah, I started to do lots of exercises, trying to traces the topics that I didn't understand before.

Covering ourselves with blankets, reading Al-Mulk,
And lights were off!
But MPP1 was wide awake haha

I really miss everything about SAHUT !
Those moments with my best friends,
With Ustaz Joha,
Jogging during riadah time,
Skipping in front of the dorm,
Sleeping in the other dorms.

Alhamdulillah for everything!


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