I'm really amazed,
Seeing people write and make people come out alive, like,
Really, alive.

Writing something is not as easy as we used to think.
Well, even if you scribble some rubbish, you still need some energy.
It doesn't come free.

But yeah, don't write rubbish.

Those people who wrote for the sake of others,
Were really, amazing, and selfless.

Those people who could create masterpiece,
That could lighten up any souls,
Now I am out of words.

Some write to express themselves
Some write to inspire people out there
Some write to kill ennui

We do have our own reasons to write.

But when writing becomes something that can give us something,
In this Dunya and Akhirah,
That should be the main reason for us, to move these fingers on paper and keyboards.

Writings that bring people to zikrullah, remembering Allah.
Writings that bring people to amar makruf nahi mungkar.
Writings that bring people out of their own-made graves.

That bring changes.


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