I was an animal lover back then.
I really liked to play with cats, and kittens.
But my parents wouldn't let me, as they could be one kind of threat,
To me? yeah probably 

Pet Shops would always attract my attention
But I knew I had nothing to buy there

One day, my parents let me have my own pet.
The only pet that I had ever had, was fish.
Goldfish, Tiger Fish and some guppies.

They were all adorable.
I also had a mini aquarium.
It was lovely.

I would always feed them, and look at them with lots of love.
I really, truly, loved them, with all my heart.

Thus it broke my heart when they died.
They couldn't last longer.
Each and one of them died, one after another.
I cried.

It was extremely painful.

But then my dad bought me new fish.
I was happy, and I told myself I would take care of them, even better than before.
So that they could live longer.
So that I could see them every day after school.

But Allah always knows what's best for us.

They also left me with a broken heart.
I cried.

My dad bought me new fish again.

I tried my best.
This time it was better, as they laid eggs.
One day I saw a male (?) fish ate one of the eggs.
That surprised me, how could he eat his own child?
But yeah, they were animals.

One day I cleaned the aquarium.
I was reckless, I dropped some of them.
They jumped for air and water non-stop.
A few went into the sink.
I was flabbergasted, panicked and did not know what to do.

The aquarium was cleaned.
It looked fine.
But I couldn't forget that missing fish after it went into the sink.
I tried to find it.
I went to the drain, to see if it was in there but all I could see was no fish.
I poured water into the sink and checked the same drain once again.

I just. Could not find it.

But, alhamdulillah for the beautiful moments I had with them.


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