Old Ones


Looking at those posts
Some familiar faces, but they have grown up and changed a bit,
But still, same names and I can still recognize them .

They meant the world for me,
They were all I got back then,
They were my happiness,

And I looked forward to meet them every single day,
Of my school life .

I woke up every morning,
Thinking what should I talk about with you guys today ?
Replaying back those funny jokes and your laughs,
All of those small things,
That could simply make me smile all day

We were separated by systems of the world,
And I was convinced I could never forget all of you,
You guys could never be replaced .
But slowly, we grew up .

And suddenly, we weren't the same no more

I miss you,
But I just like to stay still

Aisyah, it's been a long time since the last time I liked to stare at those beautiful eyes of yours
Aneeq, are you being bizarre like those days ?
Nisa, I still remember your touch and some of your words
Fatin, thank you for the cake and that money your family spent for me
Wana, you're an eye catching lass

Hajar, wait for me to come to you inshaallah .

I did never want to leave,
But people come and go,
Without they even realize they take their leaves


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