It's Okay 3#


With the Febreeze in the room,
The good scent it brought in,
Your sayings to her lingered on my mind,

And now I remember those books in the locker,
Back in the class,
They seemed abnormal one day,
Were arranged properly, and I wasn't the one who did it,
Again, your sayings to her lingered on my mind,

The man with a white mask on his face,
Fake broad smile was plastered on the face,
You seemed to like it.

Just like that,

You left everything hanging,

But I've already known which direction should they take.

Relax, this is the best and alhamdulillah.
But I can't really get it,
It took you only a few seconds to move on.

At least you could tell me what's wrong?

I think I have two goats,
But now I can see only one.


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