This second semester is way too different.
The pressure felt is even greater.
Allahuakbar .

Maha Suci Allah Yang Maha Tinggi.

When life knocks you down,
Please do not ever forget that you have Allah.
Bow down and sujood to Him,
Because only in remembrance of Him,
You will find peace.

And some things have changed and wallahi,
I believe in Him for only He does know what's best for me,
For all of us.

It's hard to accept the fact that now I've been forgotten,
Or maybe I've been ignored.
And someone is trying his best to just throw away everything,
That once was something between the cream tiles and red tables.
In those nights and brisk walks.
But astaghfirullahalazim,


I know it was all wrong and nothing seemed good.
And I know running back to it is the dumbest thing someone would have ever done.

But yeah,
Guess that I am a keeper.
I keep things in bags and a heart of mine.
I keep remembering things on mind.

Whenever I am alone,
Whenever people leave,
Whenever blank spaces come within the time and air around me,

Sometimes I would ask,
Even though I've known the answers.


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