It is funny,
To think that,
The Snapchat now is all empty.
Meaningless is not the right word, the filters sometimes are nice.
Yeah, nice.

It is funny,
To remember now,
The Snapchat was only meant to record funny videos,
And playing with those filters,
But when you came in,
It had turned into, my second blog?

It is funny,
When those memories rushed into my mind,
I would see me waiting for the Wifi to be connected to my phone,
So that I wouldn't have to waste my data,
Just to see your stories.

Some of the stories were not good.
They were bad for me and my heart.

Some of them had nothing to do with me.

But now I remember your colourful socks,
And that yellow balloon saying good night,
That yellow flower singing a song,


I sure remember a lot, don't I?

Ah baik hafal titas dan hubungan etnik,
Takpun History of English.

Jangan salah faham.
Kadang aku suka tulis semua ni.



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