There's a lot in my head,
I kept missing the ones who were there,
Then your face popped out in my mind,

I've always liked to look at you,
And I've always loved the way you smile at me,
I've always liked to hear your laugh,
And I've always wanted you to be happy,

Seeing you cry made me feel down,
I couldn't do anything to clear the dark ambience around you,
But I wanted you to let go of everything,
So that you would feel,

The times we spent in that Seremban School,
I wouldn't say I want to go back to the place,
I remember the pain I felt in my chest,
I remember the feel of missing something that's far away,
It was painful.
Those times were the good ones,
And they made me realise that,

You're so important to me.
So dear to me.

May Allah ease everything for you,
And believe in Him,
For only He does know what's best for all of us


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