Don't worry, you're looking good.


You're looking great.

Approaching you was everything I wanted to do.
But it seemed like there's no way for me to jump to your side.

Alhamdulillah, I didn't know when it was,
But suddenly, we became, kinda close.

I liked to tell you everything I could.
You held from the smallest to the biggest fear, love that I could ever feel.

I loved it when your eyes sparkled,
As your ears were giving their best to make sure you wouldn't skip,
Even a word that I uttered.

Those lines of words that came out along with your sweet voice,
Were the ones that I wanted to hear the most.

That day we met,
I was worried,
There's nothing left for me to tell you,
As we had decided to move forward.

I felt hurt,
You were standing in front of me,

But it felt like you were thousands miles away from me.


  1. reading this while listening to the song...

    1. hahaha, sedih tak? wahahahah


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