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A Name


That one name on my shirt,
Orange in colour, golden blankets those alphabets,

People were asking,
I said that was mine.
But a different name is written there.

I had always loved the idea of you,
Those beautiful eyes, along with your long eye lashes,
I had always thought that everyone would love 'em.

And I would be the first one to fall for you.

I had always loved to be with you,
A day without you by my side was like a year without rain.

Your name on my shirt,
That was me, showing the meaning of you in me,
It seemed small, but you had the deepest place,
So close and so dear to my heart.

And now that everything has changed.

Sometimes I still like to picture you and me,
In the past,

Present and future, that will still be secrets that only Allah knows.

A Piece of Me


Putar kembali ingatan,
Jelas kelihatan bayangan kalian,
Sudah tentu tidak bersayap,
Namun kadangnya seakan terasa kalian jauh.

Putar kembali apa yang berlaku,
Kadang bagai ditusuk sembilu hati ini,
Terlayar kembali dosa dan silap aku terhadap jiwa kalian,

Tajamnya lidah kadang tidak terkawal,
Diri yang kerasukan kadang cengil dan pentingkan diri,

Untuk semua itu dan lebih daripada itu,
Aku mohon maaf.

Aku betul-betul minta maaf.

Bermaknanya kalian dalam hidup aku,
Tiada umpama, aku tidak bisa terang dan hurai.

Lainnya kalian daripada yang lain,
Tiada bandingan, aku tidak bisa terang dan hurai.

Sayangnya aku pada kalian.

Kadang tak terluah dek segan,
Kadang tak terpancar dek kabus yang diadakan,

Tapi aku sungguh sayang.

Alhamdulillah, sungguh kalian merupakan anugerahNya yang indah sekali.


Adanya kalian menghidupkan aku kembali.

Deep Down


How I wish I could tell you that I love you,
Despite the distance between us since years ago.

How I wish I could fly to you,
And talk to you without feeling awkward,
You're just a few miles away from me.

I could do it, but I'm too afraid.
Guess that the ambience around us will be enough,
To hurt me inside out.

I don't know whether the thing between us will be the same or not,
If we happen to meet again and try to act natural.
Oh, I don't know about you, but I guess I need to act natural.

I need to.

You meant the world to me.
You were everything to me.
You were so dear to me.

You were the apple of my eyes, yeah I know it sounds cliche.

I had always loved you.
You were my favourite person.

I still remember how I felt back then,
When you were out of school for a camp,
It felt so empty and all I got was the bear you gave to me.

That evening you came and it surprised me.
Tears welling up my eyes as I hugged you.

I never knew I could love someone to that exten…



So I've been staying at home for days.

Alhamdulillah, I was given a golden chance to sail through Ramadan,
But sadly, I didn't use all the barakah moments given wisely :(

Sadly, I knew something new that's amazing about Ramadan,
But I underwent zero change.

Then Aidilfitri came :')
Alhamdulillah, I was given chance to celebrate it once again with a complete family.
That one big lad is here lulz.

I watched Koe no Katachi and Parasyte The Maxim.

I like the idea of how animes,
Fictional characters, could come alive.
How fictional stories, most of them are illogical,
Could affect me so much.

But I believe it isn't just me.

Like Koe no Katachi.
How the meanest person could change, but some are still being judgemental after knowing his pasts.

Ishida was trying his best to make up to Nishimiya, after what he had done to her in the past.
Ishida was also hurt,
But he admitted his mistakes. He knew he was at fault.
He accepted it. He tried to fix everything.

Running Away

Something came up to my mind, Well, I actually thought of you, quite a lot these few days.
Yeah, it wasn't good.
It might be, because you were being all nice.  And supportive, might be?
I didn't want you to think you were worthless, You asked me why, I gave you nothing to explain it.
Yeah, there was no particular reason to it.
I just wanted you to know, You're great.
Because in my eyes, you are.  You are すごい.
This mini Shakespeare you said, Was also stiffened. I tried my best to arrange my words.
I tried to make you feel better. I tried to convince you, that you're everything but nothing.
Talking to you was something, rare.  And sometimes I would be waiting. 
But no, it can never be good, you know.
 Today it feels like you're, kind of, Avoiding me?
Running away, really?
It's, good. 
But, it's sad to think that, I might actually.
A nuisance in that world of yours.



Your eyes flickered up to meet mine,
We carved smile to each other,

A deep breath was drawn in,
The sky seemed so bright,

Everything was so fine with you here,

The memory of everything made me quiver with mixed feelings,

You're one of the best things that ever happened in my life

Glad that I found you, alhamdulillah