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Thinking to myself,
It would be nice to see you in real.
Not just through the photos and your default picture.

Because it's been a long time.
Since the last time we breathed the same air,
In the same place, same pressure, different seats.

Because it's been a long time.
Since the last meal we'd had together.
In the same place, same taste, different thoughts and opinions.

Because it's been a long time.
Since the last voice of yours I heard.
In the same place, same beats inside of me, different feelings.

To you, the one I've been longing to stare,
The one I've been longing to hear from,
The one,
Who has been far away since those golden times.



"I say,

You're my favourite motivator.
Even if you had nothing to say.
Few words were out, then I would be out of miseries.

You're my favourite story teller.
Tell me everything about your days and nights.
You made me feel I was worth your while.

The things we shared,
The stories we told,
The common we had in between,

You're just a lil bit out of my limit."

- Kikuchi Touma

One Ok Rock- Good Goodbye


People said childhood moments were amazing.
I once agreed to this saying.
My dad said true friends now could be found in high school,
But I rejected the opinion, or that saying to be exact,
Because I believed in the truth of my childhood.

You were one of the best memories I have from back then.
You had always been funny, and I believe you still are.

Remember the first moment we met?
I never knew you existed in the class when we were 8 years old,
But the new class arrangement set us in a group.
You told me there were some stink stuff beside my seat,
I turned my head only to find colourful rice on the floor.
Was it Nasi Minyak? I guess so.
And you laughed.

I liked to draw, nah actually I started to draw when I felt like I was left out,
They were talking beside me and I didn't know why I couldn't find words to join,
Then I started to copy a cartoon character on her pencil box.
They told me it was good. "Hey you know how to draw?"
Since then I thought of …



Those tears came out non-stop, I believed I'd hurt my eyes.
My head felt heavy. I was totally drained, physically and emotionally.

I knew- it was all my fault. I told this a few times in my head,
But somewhat I enjoyed the journey to that new place. It was suprisingly unpredictable.
You know, like going through an adventure you thought was simple and you knew you would get there in time, then you got lost on your way there.
I mean, I really got lost and stranded on a hospital.
Luckily the Uber fee wasn't that high. I was half broken- myself and my ruined wallet.

Then, things turned out to be suprisingly too unpredictable. The bus I should board on that night changed time but not the road I believed. It was an hour earlier than it supposed to be.
I knew it- I was in a big trouble- me and my ruined wallet. With not so much money in it.
The train was delayed, and I knew it- Uber was my one and only choice.
I screwed up everything- myself and my ruined wallet.
You …



Kabur lalu berkubur,
Dengan itu semua melayu,
Kata dan rasa, aku cuba ukur,
Walau sudah tahu, tidak aku mampu.

Lecak dan lumpur,
Dahulunya berbatu,
Kini sudah gugur,
Bina yang baharu? Duduk aku berteleku.

Yang lepas itu lepaslah,
Yang hilang itu hilanglah,
Usah kau tarik kembali,
Usah kau cari berkali.

Itu kata mereka, saiz kasutnya lain.
Itu kata mereka, fikir aku bermain.

Ya, yang lepas itu lepas.
Yang hilang itu hilang.

Tidakkah mereka tahu,
Kadang benda berbekas, tahu?

-One Ok Rock, I was King-



So I heard that you made plans with her,
Between Subaru and Honda, never mind I never knew your preference.
A house under a Sakura tree? Would it blossom easily?
Never mind, I never knew what your reasons were.

So I heard that you and her went to town to get a bite,
Between soft croissant and sandwiches, never mind I never knew your favourite.
A tuna Subway? Did it taste so good?
Never mind, I went there once just to buy one mineral bottle, so that I had small change to give to that Uber guy.

So I heard that you chose her, finally.
Between that girl and her, never mind I never knew your thoughts.
This time you looked so stiffed. Was it for real?
Never mind, my friends told me to open my eyes and this time, move on.
For real. Freaking real.

- Yoshioka Futaba

Something Inside


I don't know whether it is a good thing,
To open up to me. Guess that I would leave the judgment to you,
Write and express all you want,
'cause I simply don't know,
Whether it is good, or not.

I surely couldn't give you all of my time,
I'm not that person who can stay up late until 3 am,
And be there for you and listen,
'cause I simply love my sleep more, or I'd rather to something much better if I happen to wake up.
But you can have me in the daylights.

I know I couldn't feel you deeply enough,
A few cases I've had in my shoes,
And most of them would leave me clueless,
'cause I'm simply not you, and you're not me either,
But tell me all you want, I would be ready to listen and show you the faces of me, trying to understand.

Sometimes I would try my very best so that people around me would feel good,
And think that I'm good enough to stay by their side,
But then I come to know that I couldn't control people,

Hotaru & Gin


You knew it- the first moment you set your eyes on her,
You had fallen for her, that small and naive girl.
She would know nothing, of course, but you bet she felt it too.
She just, might not know how to describe it,
But for sure, you both had it mutually. And you knew it.

You told her not to come again, she might get lost in your hometown,
But you knew it- she would come.
And you waited. That was already enough to prove your feelings.
She came, and for every summer you witnessed her change.
And every summer you waited for her.
You waited, and you wanted her to be there with you.

She grew up, and slowly she got the hint of the mutuality she shared with you.
And she knew it- you were the one she had ever wanted.
For every summer, every year.
The snow fell on her brown hair made her dizzy.
She wanted summer. So that she could see you again.

You had always known it, you could never have her.
And neither she could. But both of you had gone too far.

The moments pictured were…

You 2#


Ya Allah, alhamdulillah for giving me the best people in my life.

I have always loved you, from my very first time knowing you, and talking to you,
Everything we shared together on any platform was golden.
I was glad to swallow your thoughts and tears.
I was grateful to keep your smiles and sincerity.

I was fine, to have you with me.

Distance and timing were witnessing the fall down.
You and I were drifting with speed, as the weather changed,
As we both changed.

Meeting you again for the first time since forever,
I was afraid I would run out of words.
But we conversed like nothing happened.
But I could sense the difference.
We were both being awkward. In our own way.
I missed you, and your life tales. I wanted to be your keeper once again.

Meeting you again, today,
Hearing your thoughts and sensing your feelings again, today,
Only Allah knows how happy I was, and I am.

Thank you for the notebook.
I'm sorry I gave you nothing in return.

But know that I have always f…

The Girl on the Street


She was the girl on the street.

From her rosy glittering cheeks,
The blusher was put on perfectly,
Along with the pink lipstick,
She knew how to blend the foundation well,-
Which also, perfectly set on her face.

She was the girl on the street.
We walked past each other.

She was the girl on the street.

From her lively laugh,
Those rosy cheeks were lifted up as the humor reached,
Along with pats on her friend's shoulder,
She knew how to change the weather around so well,-
Which also, amazingly changes mine too.

She was the girl on the street.
We didn't know each other.

She was the girl on the street.
Who fell for me first.

- Tanaka Kou



That day you told me you wanted those sweets with blue packaging on,
But at the counter I saw the cashier was scanning the ones with brown on,
I looked at you, not knowing whether you understood the gaze or not,
But you smiled, and I let it go.

That day you told me you were sorry as you had been busy,
Those colourful socks were on,
But then you went missing for months without any notes and whatever was on,
I tried to figure out but those colourful socks would always appear in my mind,

I thought you left.
But you smiled saying you would surely stay, and I let it go.

That day you told me the shirt in blue colour was nice and awfully attractive,
But from behind the stocks, I saw you holding the one in brown,
I looked at you, knowing that you couldn't see me,
But I remembered your smile, and I let it go.

You made your stand but it wavered.
You had always been shifting and I never thought that one day,
You would eventually leave.



The white ceilings with some brown stains,
My eyes couldn't look at 'em like how I would usually do,
'cause honey you knew I wasn't doing well at that time,
That's why we were together, with me half asleep, and you holding me tight.

The pillow underneath my head, I bet it was absorbing the heat out of me.
I felt uneasy, but then your soft and warm hands were next to me.
My mom couldn't be there for me, it was the rule and I accepted it,
But every time I was with you, I felt like home.

I fell asleep, I forced myself to, with the wet towel you put on my forehead.
When I woke up, someone else was there, squeezing the wet towel that wasn't wet anymore.
My eyes were rolling as I was trying to find your figure.
But you were nowhere near me.

I was thinking to myself- you left me.
And that made me sad and my heart cried. I was too tired to tear myself out.
But I knew I needed you and it broke me when you weren't there.

People held my arms as I w…