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BBK3410 10#


Tiba-tiba isu ini terlintas dalam fikiran aku .
Sesak nafas aku seketika memikirkannya .

Bagaimana kalau semua orang di dunia ini bergerak,
Hanya untuk kepentingan sendiri sahaja ?
Hanya untuk kepentingan puak sendiri sahaja ?

Hanya kerana wang ringgit,
Hanya kerana inginkan keuntungan ?

Bagaimana kalau orang yang bekerja di sektor perkhidmatan awam contohnya,
Hanya akan memberi khidmat terbaik buat orang yang punya nama sahaja ?
Orang yang kelihatan tidak punya apa-apa dilayannya bagai sampah,
Bagai tiada walau sedikit nilai pada dirinya .

Bagaimana kalau mekanik hanya akan membaiki dan memeriksa kenderaan betul-betul,
Jika kenderaan itu milik orang yang punya nama, punya pangkat ?
Orang yang menghantar kereta Kancil atau Kelisa buruk diberinya khidmat sambil lewa,
Apa yang patut dibaiki dikatanya baik-baik sahaja,
Apa yang patut ditampal dikatanya elok sahaja .

Bagaimana kalau para pendidik hanya akan mengajar sungguh-sungguh,
Jika pelajar itu anak orang yang punya n…

BBK3410 9#


Jika dulu aku berbicara secara tulisan mengenai Cendol Pasar Payang Terengganu,
Sekarang aku ingin memperkenalkan kepada kalian makanan yang juga sangat terkenal di negeri Pantai Timur ini iaitu,

Apakah itu ICT ?

Ikan Celup Tepung !

Tidak dinafikan bahawa makanan laut yang bersalut tepung amat terkenal dan digemari oleh para pelacong, malah penduduk Terengganu sendiri.

Bagi aku sendiri, memandangkan keluarga aku jarang berkunjung ke kawasan pantai Terengganu, apabila mendapat peluang memang aku akan nikmati sungguh-sungguh ikan celup tepung, sotong celup tepung, dan lain-lain !

Terdapat banyak gerai yang menjual ikan celup tepung atau makanan laut bersalut tepung di Terengganu.

Antara gerai atau kedai yang popular terletak di sekitar kawasan Pantai Teluk Ketapang atau Mengabang Telipot.

Salah satunya ialah Warung Poknong.

Jujur aku katakan warung itu tidak putus pelanggan !
Apatah lagi ketika hujung minggu atau musim cuti persekolahan.

Warung itu lebih terkenal d…

Hey ?


Yeah .
People said long distance relationship is tough
And so dang hard .

Those words and sayings were just like a few particles of dust on my desk
Soon, I would wipe them out using those pink and yellow tissues
I didn't really care about it .

But now .
It hits me hard on the chest
It felt so suffocated I could barely catch the air to breathe

Maybe you are too busy .
And me . I don't really like to chat in this media life .
I like it face to face .
I want to see, I want to hear .
And I want to feel the bond .
Of this friendship .
Lillahitaala inshaallah

But you sit nearby the main vein in my heart .
Don't set up the fire,
All of the blood might be deoxygenated

If you leave,
Heartbreak won't be enough to describe what I will have to swallow .



It was hard for me to leave you,
And it was hard for me to see you leave

Last hug, last smiles on that day
I hope I can see you every day like how it used to be before

I hope I can find reasons to run away from you,
And then come back to you because I know,
I just can't live without you by my side

I hope I can always see that face of yours,
And hear your hilarious laugh that will also tickle my tummy

I hope I can always look at you when you're not looking at me,
And interpret anything from your face and behaviour,
Then get back to you, carve a smile,
And whisper in my heart,
I love everything about you .

I hope I can always find your hands and put them on my cheeks,
Because they are warm, and I can feel you in my veins

I want to see you on every weekend
But we still got lots of stuffs to be settled as we are students,
And yeah .

Timba ilmu dulu !!



You asked me what my favourite colour was
And I told you I liked blue and green stripes
And you made me chuckle when you said you also liked the same thing

You told me you also liked Justin Bieber,
And I didn't even know why 'U Smile' song became our default song,
But wait,
We had our own default song ? Hahaha .
You were funny

But I liked it,
U smile, I smile

You said my writing was good
And you liked it .

You wanted to play Pet Society on Facebook,
I said it was fun
You had a pet,and you liked to play that pet marathon game,
But you kept on failing, couldn't get the first place
And you were frustrated .

You were so busy with your games back then
I felt like I was left out,
But when I protested by hitting my keyboards and those alphabets came out on the chat,
You replied .

It's okay,
I just want to throw those little things back
I don't know but,

We were so funny and naive back then !



Fasting in SAHUT was one of the things that I miss the most

We would be asking one another,
Do you want to fast, tomorrow ?
Let's break our fast together !
I hope tomorrow is Nasi Ayam

Well, for so many times I hoped there would be one big jar of Sunquick or Sirap Ais

Sometimes we would go to the vending machine to buy drinks

And in the evening some of us would be laying in bed, like zombies
Were so tired from all of the activities during the day
And were so mentally tortured seeing other friends eating their meals at noon
And sometimes our knees would be shaking during Asar prayer

When it was the time to wait for Maghrib azan,
We were smiling widely and became energetic, like so suddenly
Then, we broke our fast . Everyone zipped their mouth and was so into their food,
Including me .

We would share our drinks
Saying thank you to one another
And tried our best to do the Maghrib prayer along with the Imam

Those were the good times in my high school life

You 2#


I don't know why,
But your face would always pop out in my mind

I guess I miss you :')

Last night I thought about you
How you would react when you knew something and someone needed you to explain it

You didn't talk much,
But when you did, I like the way you said those words
I like the way you spoke in English, it's like you have that one special accent

And I remembered that one moment,
During night prep, we were studying Biology
Struggling through those biological terms and diagrams,
Well I had fun though . With you

I've always thought that you're just.
So breathtaking
From the first moment I saw you in the hall
I've always liked you .

And do you remember,
When I caught a cold in SGS ?

I thought that I was helpless
It felt like everything was tiring me inside out
Then you became everything I needed

And I would always want to catch you when you fall
Would always want to wipe out your tears using my bare hands
Would always want to be your …



Sometimes I really like to stalk you
Everything you post would always grab my attention

I think you really should move on
Yeah it does hurt,
Seeing your blood and tears
Knowing that you're stuck in that one page,
Where those memories keep on stealing your glance and breath,
Spinning your own little world,
And then you would become dizzy
You would be on your knees,
Thinking that everything is hard . You could never get out of the maze .

She's no longer there
You have been looking at her traces she left behind

But yeah,
I know that you're stronger than this

And yeah .
There are other crucial things,
We have to care about .



When I smelled the scent of tar being hit by drops of rains,
I would go back to those times,
Where I was so small, and short .
At Wan's house .

It was raining heavily,
And it was school break .
I would be staying at Wan's house like it was my fixed 'everything'.
Because I loved being with Wan .

When it rained, her backyard of the house would seem like a pool,
Pool of raindrops
And I just had to fight the urge to jump into it

Wan would buy me Nasi Lemak in the morning
And sometimes she would feed me using her own hand
Those were the good times of my life
And there was no Astro, so I just had to sit in front of the TV, watching things like Malaysia Hari Ini, Nasi Lemak Kopi O and etc.
I was a kid . And I hated those things .

It would be more fun when Makcitis were home .
They would bring me to the beach and mall, and of course they would pamper me haha .

They were single at that time,
And I didn't have to care about not having their attention .
Pft so…



Throwing back is what I like to do the most,
Yeah when I'm bored .

These are some repeated words ; you gave me so much to remember

I like to play back all of those scenes,
I was so insane back then and you were lookin' so naive

Remember the time when I tried to reach you through Yahoo Messenger ?
I didn't even know how to use those things,
Which button should I click ?
How could I know if that email was yours ?
I called you so many times I thought your mom was going to kill me
And your voice was too slow I couldn't get through your points

I was too brave and desperate, yeah you could say that

And I almost forgot that one scene when we were meeting up in the library
It felt like I was in Antarctica
And you would always be lookin' down at the floor
And now I notice your eyelashes are pretty long
You got beautiful eyes, don't you ?

No . I'm not saying that I want it all back
No !
It was just me, the naive me
Who didn't know that it was wron…



Panahan rasa tepat pada dada,
Degup jantung mula bernada ria,
Cetusan pertama membawa yang kedua,
Kedua pula membawa yang seterusnya,

Manis terasa,
Jiwa mula terbuai enaknya cinta,
Tanpa sedar yang mendatang adalah bahaya,

Sebelum jauh terhanyut dek pesonanya,
Sebelum makin dalam jatuhnya,
Sebelum semuanya terlambat dan tiada lagi bermakna,

Buka mata serta hati,
Ayuh tanya pada iman apakah kau masih teguh bersama ?

Dijadikan musuh itu indah apa yang buruk,
Dijadikan musuh itu jelek apa yang baik,

Tenggelamnya kita dalam cinta manusia dan dunia,
Makin dalamlah lubuk dosa yang terbina,

Tiadalah aku kata hanya untuk kau
Berdebar aku bertinta tanda target yang utama ; tetaplah diriku sendiri 

Gugupku bersama takut,
Takut-takut aku yang melebih,




Tika semua jasad perlu jalan,
Kau juga perlu yang sama dan tidak mahu ketinggalan,
Saat semua jasad bersesakkan,
Kau turut tersepit bersama esakan,

Yang lain melihat kau kesusahan,
Diberinya ruang cukup untuk kau lepas,
Berlagu lega hati kau keriangan,
Pacu lancar langkah kau bebas,

Tiba masa yang lain pula,
Mereka berada dalam kasutmu yang dahulu kala,
Kau lihat mereka juga alami kesempitan yang sama,
Diharapnya mereka agar kau datang untuk beri ruang,
Namun semuanya terbalik dan tiada balasan yang baik-baik,
Kau sebaliknya lari membawa hutang budi,
Kau lari

Jika ada seribu satu orang seperti kamu dalam dunia ini,
Maka tiadalah lagi makna aman dan toleransi



Deru angin membawaku laju,
Menyelam ke masa lalu,
Terpancar imej kau dan aku,
Sesak dadaku menanggung rindu,

Sepasang mata bundar itu,
Sirnanya sentiasa mengukir senyum pada wajahku,
Gundah ku rasa bagai tiada pengujung,
Tika kau muncul segalanya bagai dibawa pergi,
Begitu sahaja,

Kelam hidupku,
Kau hadir membawa pancaran cahaya,

Kabut hidupku,
Kau hadir memaknai apa itu ketenangan,

Kini kau hilang tanpa tanda,
Jejak untuk ku kesan sungguh tiada,

Kini aku sepi tiada berteman,
Sahabat sejati dulunya tanpa lepas dari genggaman,
Telah pun menjadi bagai debu berterbangan



Don't misunderstand
Even though I know it is my fault

Don't just assume
Even though I know I make you do that

Don't tell me I'm a breaker
I'm also broken by things

The way most people want it to be
Is the way that we should reject

I know fighting our own self and nafs is a real pain
And so hard .
I know I am weak and sometimes I tend to do the same
I know sometimes I can be so selfish

But every time that we got is a chance
To correct those mistakes and try again
To try to not do the same thing

I never want to choose this world over Him
I don't want to be like that
Living this life without remembering Him,
Without obeying him,
Is a big waste

I don't want to waste my life
But I'm also a human being
I make mistakes and I commit sins
But I pray to Him so that I will always turn back to Him
Whenever and wherever I'm out of the rail
The straight one .

I don't mean to break everything in you
I don't mean to just drive by in your lif…