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Hey 1#


That one night, she had to believe and learn to accept,
Some people are meant to stay,
And some are meant to just drive by.
And she can't stop them when they want,
When they insist,
To leave.

That one night, she realized that nothing lasts forever.
Even the ones that you love will soon leave you.
Even you, yourself, will soon leave everything behind, in this Dunya.

This Dunya is just temporary.
It isn't created to last forever.

We have aims to be achieved in this life, as an abid and a caliph.

Talk is cheap, as always it is.

That's why we need to learn more and a lot.
That's why tarbiyah, is desperately and totally needed,
By all of us.



Ah, I miss my school life!

I miss to wake up every morning, seeing it's either Maisarah or Nayli by my side.
I miss to brush my teeth while waiting for my turn to take bath
I miss to walk to surau, and to smile when I knew I wasn't late for Subuh prayer haha

Sometimes, really ? hahaha
Well, I would get sleepy in class, I could barely open my eyes.
And I would tell Liyana I was sleepy,
But sometimes when I looked at my side, her eyes were the same as mine.
We both could barely live in the class!

When it was recess time,
I would buy either Chocolate Gardenia for RM0.85 or three pieces of any kueh for RM1.00.
Man, I saved a lot of money back then! but naudzubillah moga aku bukan seorang yang bakhil
Then we would go to surau and pray Dhuha together.
I was very inspired by most of my friends! They never left Dhuha prayer! tabikk ah!

Sometimes I would cry in Physics class whenever I didn't get Cikgu Amri's points.
And I would also cry in Chemistry class.

It's Okay 2#


Did you say it on purpose?
Because those words tickled my tummy,
You were funny, but I guess you were being serious.

What you did was totally wrong.

Esperance surrounded me,
I hated this.
But it tasted sweet,
Yet I knew it was dangerous.

I knew this would happen sooner or later.
But then it seemed like you were still trying to hold on tight.

I wrote this along with the deepest feelings in this chest.
Sometimes it was unbearable.
But I liked to talk about it anyway.

I read it, and I hoped you would be a man of his words.

If you wanted it, you would have proven it.

Were you this weak?
Your shoulders seemed broad in that green suit.
People said you were strong, could be everyone's knight in shining armor.

Were those the truths of you?

Well, I don't know.

You should fight to stay if you really mean it.
Now, don't run away again.

But you should know the dos and don'ts



Begitu terang ini laptop,
Perasaan aku sedikit terusik kala malam makin pekat,
Kala ini.

Kau bukannya bola untuk aku sepak dan golek sana sini
Kau bukannya benda untuk aku mainkan
Tidak pernah terlintas mungkin, dalam diri ini,
Untuk kau aku badutkan.
Untuk kau aku helahkan.

Tidak ada gelanggang, tidak ada taman permainan.
Tidak ada cat warna, untuk hidung kau aku merahkan.

Kerana kau bukanlah badut bagi aku.
Kerana kau bukanlah permainan bagi aku.
Bukan. Sama sekali bukan.

Pernah aku rasa kau bonekakan aku adalah.
Terasa diri kecil ini terhenyak, terlanyak.

Berapa kali entah, aku malas hitung.
Tapi kau subjek yang aku suka ketengahkan.

Kau subjek yang bagi aku cantik.
Kau subjek yang bagi aku,
Aku gemari.

Aku tahu biar semuanya berlalu.
Biar masa dan udara membawa pergi kabut itu.
Ah, menyesakkan.

Aku ribut sebab kau, tahu ?


Aku tahu aku perlu tahan dan langkah tanpa toleh lagi.
Tapi sekeliling aku tidak pernah mengalah menarik aku kembali.
Aku lem…



She said you had to bear a huge weight on your shoulders since young,
You and your cute face seemed innocent,
You were so pure and all white,
Yet so smart and knew how to act in every situation.

You never blamed anyone for anything,
But you were the one who was blamed.

You cried and everyone heard,
But your heart was strong to bear more,

You laughed with your friends,
And that made me want to do the same as what they did,
But I would always fail,
I knew I had no talent to make jokes.

I never know who you are,
I would always happen to find sides of you that I have never bumped into,

But one thing for sure,
You're still the one who likes to make people smile and feel special,

And another thing for sure,
Everything makes me miss you more.



I never say this out loud,
But you're gorgeous.

Those two beautiful eyes of yours would always shine every way,
Those eyelashes on them would always brush away every drop of black paint,
On this view of mine.

I never tell this to anyone, I guess,
But your laugh is what I've been longing to hear

Your beautifully arranged teeth, your melodious laugh,
I could see an igneous flash, spread silently through the clouds of my mind,
Sending warmth to my heart,

You've always been so dear and so lovely to me.
And I have always loved you,
From the first time I saw you.

Kimi No Nawa


Alhamdulillah, I've just finished watching an anime movie,
Called 'Your Name'.
Okay that is the title of it .

Ya Allah it's so amazing!

Whatever it is I'm so glad that Taki and Mitsuha finally met!
I was so afraid that both of them might just walk pass each other, without saying anything

Haihhhhh so emotional wahahahahha this is so me



I was an animal lover back then.
I really liked to play with cats, and kittens.
But my parents wouldn't let me, as they could be one kind of threat,
To me? yeah probably 

Pet Shops would always attract my attention
But I knew I had nothing to buy there

One day, my parents let me have my own pet.
The only pet that I had ever had, was fish.
Goldfish, Tiger Fish and some guppies.

They were all adorable.
I also had a mini aquarium.
It was lovely.

I would always feed them, and look at them with lots of love.
I really, truly, loved them, with all my heart.

Thus it broke my heart when they died.
They couldn't last longer.
Each and one of them died, one after another.
I cried.

It was extremely painful.

But then my dad bought me new fish.
I was happy, and I told myself I would take care of them, even better than before.
So that they could live longer.
So that I could see them every day after school.

But Allah always knows what's best for us.

They also left me with a…

It's Okay

You said you wanted to pave my front door with sugar, But we both know sugar and salt look alike, All I tasted was nothing like sweets, But I guess,
You didn't mean it.
You said you liked it if it was me, But we both know changes happen all the time, All I saw were dark skies and you weren't there, But I guess,
You did lose your way back here
I said I wanted to change and leave everything behind, But I know it will take much time and I really need to struggle, All I thought about most of my time was you,
Can you leave?

Old Ones


Looking at those posts
Some familiar faces, but they have grown up and changed a bit,
But still, same names and I can still recognize them .

They meant the world for me,
They were all I got back then,
They were my happiness,

And I looked forward to meet them every single day,
Of my school life .

I woke up every morning,
Thinking what should I talk about with you guys today ?
Replaying back those funny jokes and your laughs,
All of those small things,
That could simply make me smile all day

We were separated by systems of the world,
And I was convinced I could never forget all of you,
You guys could never be replaced .
But slowly, we grew up .

And suddenly, we weren't the same no more

I miss you,
But I just like to stay still

Aisyah, it's been a long time since the last time I liked to stare at those beautiful eyes of yours
Aneeq, are you being bizarre like those days ?
Nisa, I still remember your touch and some of your words
Fatin, thank you for the cake and th…



You're just as sweet as sugar
But those ants wouldn't follow you everywhere you go
But if it's me,
I would always want to be by your side

You've always been something so precious so special

You're just as bright as a starlight in the dark sky
But some people wouldn't notice its existence
But if it's me,
I would always look out for you, even in daylights

You've always been something so dear and so near

I tend to take everything for granted,
I had wasted many loves of my life,
And their loves once had a pure meaning,
But I tore them apart and burnt them,

I was ruthless.

Even though I've committed many sins,
And have taken most of the things in life for granted,
And have hurt people for so many times they run away from me,

You still surround me with good people



I'm really amazed,
Seeing people write and make people come out alive, like,
Really, alive.

Writing something is not as easy as we used to think.
Well, even if you scribble some rubbish, you still need some energy.
It doesn't come free.

But yeah, don't write rubbish.

Those people who wrote for the sake of others,
Were really, amazing, and selfless.

Those people who could create masterpiece,
That could lighten up any souls,
Now I am out of words.

Some write to express themselves
Some write to inspire people out there
Some write to kill ennui

We do have our own reasons to write.

But when writing becomes something that can give us something,
In this Dunya and Akhirah,
That should be the main reason for us, to move these fingers on paper and keyboards.

Writings that bring people to zikrullah, remembering Allah.
Writings that bring people to amar makruf nahi mungkar.
Writings that bring people out of their own-made graves.

That bring changes.



Tergelak aku semalam.
Terkenang aku zaman lalu, melihat foto-foto itu.

Sekali lagi, kau sudah besar dan,
Jelas sekali wajah kau aku dapat lihat.

Entah kau siapa sekarang aku tidak tahu.
Kau yang dulu pun, aku kurang fasih.
Buat-buat faham, mungkin ?
Ah .
Serasa aku mula belajar siapa kau dan sifat yang menjadikan kau,kau.

Kemudian seingat aku,
Aku sudah penat.
Kadang kau jelas kadang kau kabur.
Ah persetankan saja siapa kau.
Aku pun semakin kabur dalam pandangan kau.

Lama-lama kita menghilang.

Sekali dua kita muncul balik,
Sekali dua aku kunjung ingin tanya khabar,
Tapi kebanyakan kata dan ekspresi tidak terluah mahu pun terlihat.

Lama-lama kita terdiam sendiri.
Dan aku,
Mula belajar untuk menjauh, dan kental berdiri sendiri.

Mustahil aku kata untuk kau aku lupa,
Kerana aku seorang penyimpan,
Dan segala jejak yang kau tinggal sentiasa tersimpan kemas,
Aku biarkan saja .

BBK3410 14#


Tahun lepas merupakan tahun aku melawat Masjid Putra.

Atau mungkin tidak . *gelak*
Ah, aku hanya berkunjung ke sana dua kali, setakat ini, alhamdulillah .

Dan pada 31 Disember tahun lalu, iaitu 2016, aku bersama-sama kumpulan daurahku telah bermalam di sana.
Kali ini sedikit lain bagiku, kerana keterujaannya lebih. Aku telah menyertai daurah kali ini bersama-sama sahabat baikku, Faridah.

Aku dan Faridah dikehendaki menunggu di hadapan pintu pagar Kolej Tun Perak. Setelah beberapa minit, sebuah kereta Alza berwarna putih pun tiba.
Setelah menyelesakan diri, kereta itu terus meluncur laju membelah malam yang semakin pekat, menuju Putrajaya.

Tidak kami sangka pada malam itu jalan akan sesak.
Baru aku teringat, ada 'event' yang tidak kurang pentingnya yang turut berlangsung di Putrajaya iaitu Lampu.
Memandangkan esok akan bermulanya tahun baru, masyarakat sekeliling pasti ingin menyambutnya juga di kawasan sekitar Putrajaya itu.

Alhamdulillah, mujur aplikasi Waze …

BBK3410 13#


Sememangnya kini, bidang sastera kurang mendapat tempat dalam khalayak.
Tidak kurang juga yang memandang enteng bidang ini, hanya kerana mengagumkan bidang sains dan teknologi .

Tidaklah aku kata bidang sains dan teknologi itu tidak gah,
Sungguh jujur aku akui bidang itu merupakan bidang yang mencabar dan hebat.
Namun begitu, sastera juga tidak kurang nilainya.

Tidakkah kita ingat,
Dengan sasteralah jiwa rakyat Tanah Melayu pada satu masa dahulu pernah bangkit.
Bangkit menentang penjajah,
Bangkit menentang kemunduran,
Bangkit dan bersatu padu walau berlainan kaum.

Ada juga yang menganggap bidang sastera ini hanya sebagai hobi pada masa lapang, tidak bernilai ekonomi dan tidak jejak bumi yang nyata.

Seperti yang lain, aku yakin bidang sastera juga mampu membawa sesuatu dalam hidup ini.
Sastera bukan hanya tulisan semata-mata, bagi aku, melalui sastera rasa aku yang sukar difahami orang bisa ditumpahkan, bisa diluahkan.
Melalui sastera aku bisa bermimpi dan berfantasi, …

BBK3410 12#

Sepanjang aku hidup, tidak pernah pula aku ingat bila kali pertama aku ke Kedah. Jadi, aku akan anggap, minggu lepas merupakan saksi bahawa aku telah berjaya menjejakkan kaki aku di bumi Kedah, buat kali pertama !
Jadi, entri kali ini akan berkisar tentang pengalaman aku berkunjung ke Kedah :)
Tiada perkara yang luar biasa, Hanya aku, dan keluarga aku, dan negeri Jelapang Padi .
Sungguh aku berasa seronok sepanjang perjalanan ke Kedah . Pelbagai pengalaman dan kisah aku di UPM aku ceritakan kepada keluargaku. Sedar tidak sedar, kami telah masuk ke kawasan negeri tersebut .
Aku begitu terpesona melihat betapa luas dan hijau kawasan sawah padi yang kami lalui . Di kiri dan kananku, kedua-duanya mempamerkan pemandangan sama yang begitu indah . Subhanallah ! Tenang fikiranku melihat pemandangan sawah padi itu, yang kali pertama menjengah ke pandangan mataku .
Setibanya kami di Jitra, Kedah, kedatangan kami disambut mesra oleh keluarga ibu saudaraku, Mak Ngah Ani .Itulah…



Now that you have gone,
One tragedy, now it leaves void in my chest

It's true,
We tend to appreciate something after it has gone away

Now I notice that I really love you,
But you're already gone.

It's okay,
I believe Allah knows the best for me.

Thank you for the wonderful moment you gave me,

Wherever you are,
I hope you will get a good place,
That will be a perfect shelter for you,
From those raindrops and scorching sunlight

I am sorry,
For taking you for granted

Even if I find another one in the future,
You're still irreplaceable.

At least I could spend a few days of my life with you,
Before yesterday came.